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"I want a change, but I don't want to chop it all off!"

Here comes spring! April showers bring May flowers, brighter-lighter colors, and NEW spring hair!! It's time for a change!

Are you stuck in a rut with your hair? Do you feeling like spicing things up but don't want to do something you might regret? Did you know that you can make subtle changes with your hair that will completely refresh and up date your look with about being a major commitment??

Good news! There are options for you!

One of the hottest spring trends is fringe! What I love about fringe ( aka bangs) it that they etch out your face drawing attention to your favorite features (or minimizing your least fav). There are so many different types of bangs your possibilities are endless-/ but what is right for you? Please Please DO NOT take matters into your own hands- see your stylist. We can discuss the difference in look between longer, shorter, whispy, or blunt and together customize your new look. This way we can take your face shape, hair density, texture, and growth patterns into consideration before the snip. It's important to see your stylist 4-8 weeks for a tune up on your fringe even if you grow them out. A little shaping can be the difference in seemless grow out and the need to invest in head bands and barrettes!

If bangs are completely out of the question enter hair product! Have you been using the same blowdry cream for over 2 years? Time to change! Hair care companies are continually updating their lines to give you more control and easier, faster styling for the hair of your dreams! I recently changed from Eufora Curl'n to Davines moisture mouse and couldn't be happier with my results (see photo below)

Make your appointment to see your stylist today, G

et back on the happy hair train and spring into the season feeling and looking refreshed!

❤, Ariel

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