I cut my hair short and want it long again! Now what??

Thanks to hair extensions, you no longer have to wait years for it to grow back out! For the last few seasons a short cropped bob has been the hottest haircut to hit. Seen everywhere from Fashion Week to our favorite celebrities, everyone is going short! But what if you're really a long hair girl? Getting through the grow out stage can be brutal! With hair extensions, long beautiful, sexy hair can be yours in a matter of hours! I am certified in all of the latest, most natural methods. Pictured here is 5 bundles of Great Lengths hair extensions. They are easy to maintain and will last 3-4 months with daily care. Depending on your hair texture and life style, I can recommend the method most suitable for you! Call now to book a complementary consultation.

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Jennifers Beauty Spot

103 East 17th Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

(847) 312-3723