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Am I a good candidate for hair extensions?

Today's social media pages are covered with women having thick, long, gorgeous hair. Hair extensions have become almost as popular as hair color. Not just for celebrities anymore! Everyone from the girl next door to your children's teachers are wearing beautiful hair extensions. There are so many types out there that they have become more accessible than ever, but are they right for you? Will they damage your hair? Can you take care of them effectively? Are they within your budget?

These are all the questions I am asked daily when consulting with my clients about whether or not hair extensions are right for them. The first question is why do you want to wear them? What are your goals? Are they realistic? As a stylist, for me the most important thing is maintaining the integrity of your hair. We want to be able to take the extensions out and have your hair in a healthier state than when you started wearing them. Gentle home care and an investment in proper tools and products is essential and will be discussed in your consultation at the salon. Is your hair is currently damaged, breaking off or overly thin? You may want to wait 6 months to a year until your hair is in good condition and strong enough to hold the attachment. Are growing your hair out from a pixie? You will want to wait until you have at least 4 inches of growth so that the bond area is completely hidden. If your answer to these questions is no, head to your stylist for a consultation. There you can discuss your hair goals and put together a plan for giving you the density and length you have always dreamed of having!

As a professional stylist, the desire to change your hair is frequent and daily! Several years ago I cut my long waist length hair into a bob and eventually into a short pixie. After about one year of weekly conditioning treatments and gentle trims my hair was only shoulder length. I couldn't wait any longer and had my trusted co-worker apply 5 bundles of hair extensions to give me hair down to my bra strap. When he turned me around to the mirror, I couldn't believe it! It was the hair I had years ago (only thicker and more lustrous) I cried tears of joy! Fast forward 10 years later and my natural hair is even longer and super healthy because I have used treatments throughout the process. Today I am wearing just one row not because I absolutely need it, but because who doesn't need a little more hair lol!

The general rule with hair extension care is if its good for your hair it is good for the extensions, if it's not good for your hair its terrible for the extensions. Find a reputable stylist who is committed to applying and removing the extensions properly and carefully. Daily brushing is essential to prevent tangling and matting. You want to start at the ends and work your way up. Always sleep in a loose braid or ponytail with a scrunchie to avoid creasing your hair. A slippery satin or silk pillowcase is good. I use a copper silk one as its good for my hair and skin. I surf almost daily so swimming is ok as long as you braid your hair and wet it with fresh water and conditioner before entering the pool or ocean. Plan on spending about 10-15 additional minutes per day because thicker, longer hair always takes a little longer to dry and style than the hair you are used to working with.

A general rule when looking at different pricing is for good, quality hair and installation, you will pay more than then cheapest bargain. Do you want a Wendy's burger or filet mignon? The worst thing that could happen is hair loss eeek! Even an experienced stylist can offer solutions within your budget. Clip-ons and halo's are my go-to recommendation for those on a budget because you can take them off and put them in for special occasions giving you years of wearability! My favorite types are the Great Lengths bonded and beaded wefts. These guys stay with you day and night and look fabulous with minimal effort. With proper care they actually help your hair to grow better because you need to use less heat to make them look good. Depending on your own texture, length, density, and lifestyle, I can help you decide which is best. Tape-ins are also good for some people. I personally don't wear these because my hair is too fragile for the adhesive.

Please reach out if you have any questions, or if you are in the Newport Beach, CA area schedule a complimentary consultation


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